Open Games - Riga Lasertag

What are Open Games?

Are you tired of sitting at home? Or are you just looking for a new way to interact with others? Or maybe you just got bored and want some new experiences?

We offer you the opportunity to participate in the Open Games!

A large number of exciting game scenarios: ‘Zombies’, ‘Protection of a VIP’, one against all, and others that the instructor will select specially for you!

We organize Open Games twice a month. The duration of the event is one hour. Anyone can take part in this game, giving you the opportunity to have some fun, meet new people, test your strength, and simply get a charge of positive emotions! If desired, the game can be extended.

The cost of open game is 8.00 Euro per person

In order to find out the dates for the Open Games, we recommend that you follow us on social media, call us or subscribe to our newsletter!

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